Questions about Turkish citizenship:

What is the maximum period in order to receive a Turkish passport?

The period required to obtain exceptional citizenship is at least three months and at most six months in case the person’s security file is clean and he does not have security problems.

Can my family obtain citizenship through me?

The exception includes husband and wife and children under the age of eighteen only.

For how long must the property remain in my name to meet the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship?

The property must remain for at least three years in the name of the person.

My children are above the legal age, can I obtain citizenship for them?

The law does not include children over the age of eighteen.

What are the costs of the procedures for applying for citizenship through real estate investment?

The costs are $ 3,500 USD in fees for the law firm.

Will my Turkish citizenship be withdrawn from me later?

Nationality is an acquired right that is not withdrawn.

Will I be a Turkish citizen of first or second degree?

There are no degrees of citizenship. All citizens of the Turkish Republic are equal.

What are my rights as a Turkish citizen?

After obtaining Turkish citizenship, you will, like any citizen, have all the rights granted to Turkish citizens, and you have all the obligations imposed on citizens in the country.

What countries can I travel to without a visa with a Turkish passport?

Countries that Turkish citizens can access without a visa found in the following link:

Do Turkish laws force me to give up my original nationality?

Turkish citizenship does not force you to give up another nationality. You can have multiple nationalities with Turkish citizenship.

What is the minimum amount of money that I can invest in real estate to obtain citizenship?

An investment should be made of at least $ 250,000 USD.